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What started out as just another adventure bike trip to Hogsback, led to long conversations at the historic Hogsback Inn between Chris and the hotel’s owner, Mark, about all their past adventures and what they plan on conquering in the future. This was the last bit of motivation that Chris needed to give birth to something that he has wanted to do for many years. They immediately saw great potential for adventure experiences in the Eastern Cape area, and over a few weeks of planning, drawing up contracts and exploring the surrounding areas of Hogsback, ETA was born. As the big dreamer and go-getter that Chris is, this was only the start. His vision is to explore the whole of South Africa and take you on breathtaking adventures to the most beautiful destinations or routes that you can only dream of, making that dream a reality.

At ETA we don’t settle for anything less than perfection and as the owner and founder of Big O Sports and Big O Event Management, sister companies to ETA, Chris has an extensive background in event management and knows exactly what it takes to create an exceptional experience that will stay in your memory for years to come.

Big O Event Management was founded in 2014 as an events management company that specialises in organising trail running events, to ensure that people could attend well-organised events and have fun at the same time, which was lacking at the time. The company has since branched out to organise mountain bike events, triathlons, biathlons, development projects, water sports, corporate functions, year-end functions, birthday parties, event hire and everything in between and has organised over 100 events over the past few years.

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ETA is an Eastern Cape based owner-run and managed business. Founded by Christopher O’Linsky who after many years of adventures on a motorbike, foot, paddling, bicycle and even a paraglider and has found some of South Africa’s most beautiful on-road and off-road routes and best-kept secrets. He is now fulfilling his lifelong dream of offering others the opportunity to join in on these incredible adventures.

As an owner run and managed business, Chris is extremely hands on and leads all the experiences himself with a technical support crew and medical team on standby, on planned routes that is made for each and every adventure bike rider out there. With us you can be at ease that you will have a safe and comfortable journey as we explore all the beautiful roads, trails and destinations that South Africa has to offer and share stories about our days ride around the campfire whilst enjoying heart-warming food and a few drinks.

Feeling the call of the road to get away from the busyness of life? ETA is your Experience, Traverse and Adventure one-stop-shop for the adventure seeker at heart. Offered from one adventurer to another, we strive to achieve excellence, in making sure that each experience you have with us will be treasured by you and your fellow adventure seekers for many years to come.

This is an experience that will have you connect with beautiful landscapes, magnificent roads, historically rich culture, good people and most importantly yourself as you get to experience all that ETA has to offer.

All our experiences offer various packages to suit your needs and budget, with magnificent stays at various of our partners that will ensure your experience is worth the while.

With us, you will experience a vast array of hidden gems as we take you all over and explore the majestic landscape that our various packages have to offer. We will also meet and get to know its friendly people, learn about each location’s history-rich culture, stay in some of the most breathtaking accommodations and enjoy some fine wining and dining, as you create memories and friends that will last for years to come.

Safety is extremely important to us, with planned routes, a dedicated event coordinator and a technical support vehicle to accompany you every step of your journey with us and the medical team on standby you can be at ease that you will have a safe and comfortable trip.

Adventure Experiences

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Join like minded adventure enthusiasts for great riding, beautiful scenery, and loads of fun!

Enjoy a Hiking Experience on the iconic Cockscomb Mountains filled cave exploring, rock art, orchids and many other spectacular surprises along the route to our various private sites.
Location: Elands River, Eastern Cape
Difficulty: Intermediate
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